Why Vote for gary?


For most of the past 25 years West Seneca has been run by special interests whose main priority seems to be enriching its members and giving jobs to relatives, friends, and political contributors. The results of this one-party rule are plain for everyone to see:

  • Bloated budgets fueled by endlessly rising taxes
  • A down-grade in our credit rating by Moody's
  • A needlessly expensive library/community center
  • Preferential hiring of the town council's friends and family
  • A suspect contracting system that gave us the abandoned and mold-filled Burchfield Center
  • Weak economic development initiatives that resulted in the Seneca Mall site standing vacant and ugly for 25 years
  • Pressure on town workers to work for and contribute to particular political campaigns  

This has to stop!

I have spent 33 years of my life in public service defending our country from foreign powers, criminals, and terrorists.  As a result I have lived all over the country. When my wife Patti and I moved to WNY, we searched for a place to live. We looked in the Northtowns, we looked in Buffalo, and we looked in  the Southtowns. We chose West Seneca as the place to live.

As a former FBI agent and manager with a master's degree in public policy and experience in managing people and handling budgets, I have the knowledge, skill, and, most importantly, the will to make West Seneca a model of good government that puts the interests of taxpayers first.