Gary's Platform


Financial Discipline

  • My motto is: Every dollar counts! Taxes are YOUR money!
  • My first budget will have a 5 percent cut in all discretionary accounts.
  • I will freeze all salaries not mandated by contract.
  • I will create a central procurement office out of existing personnel to save money.
  • The annual budget will be more detailed, with explanations for major line items.
  • I will form a citizen's budget committee so residents have a real say in the budget.
  • I will refuse the extra stipend for budget director - it's the Supervisor's job!
  • I will partner with the unions to reduce costs and avoid future bankruptcy.


Honesty & Accountability

All government operations will be open and explained to residents.

  • I will write monthly reports to you   on the town website about what your town government is doing, what jobs are open, who has retired or been hired, status of the budget, and so on.
  • Department heads will attend town board meetings to answer questions. 
  • The town’s web site will have many more documents online, such as the monthly status of spending and overtime, contracts, and communications that affect the budget.

West Seneca will be the most ethical local government in New York. I will propose a new ethics law that will contain:

  • A ban on a council member voting for his or her own pay raise, for a family member's pay raise, or to hire a family member
  • Full disclosure of contractors' political donations and connections.
  • Annual financial disclosure by elected officials and department heads
  • A confidential whistleblower system for town employees
  • An independent ethics board with annual ethics training
  • There will be NO tolerance for any attempt by anyone to force a town employee to be active in ANY political party
  • I will enforce every public officer's duty to report fraud and unethical activity


Economic Development

  • Economic development will be a top priority. I will actively partner with the Chamber of Commerce to promote West Seneca as a place to do business.
  • I will lead a team of development experts and local businesspeople to meet with our state and county legislators to develop the West Seneca Developmental Center site.
  • I will personally meet with the owners of the Seneca Mall site to break the deadlock that past Town Supervisors have allowed.
  • I will hold regular meetings with business owners to address their concerns.


Best Services

  • West Seneca will maintain its reputation as the town with the best services.
  • There will be no major changes to town services without extensive outreach to residents and public hearings.